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Jean-Pierre G. H. Meslin

Jean-Pierre G.H. MESLIN

58 years old. Owner and manager of the company. His domain is logistics and management of the center. In another life he was engineer and manager of workshops dedicated to disabled people. IAHD certified, he fell in love with scuba diving rather late. Diving sometimes with his clients is his reward.

J. Antonio RIVERA

38 years old. He has been studying accounting in Mexico city, but preferred diving. PADI instructor (# 151895) . His students love him because he has a lot of patience, very good teaching skills for adults as well as for kids. Eager to show the underwater marvels of Cozumel to our guests.

Sarah M. S. Meslin


30 years old. She discovered scuba diving in the Red Sea, then has been living in Tenerife (Canarian islands), where she became PADI dive master. Now she is PADI instructor # 953925 and IAHD instructor. She is fluent in French, English and Spanish. Beside diving, she loves her cats and traveling the world.

Rafael ISLAS

Dive Master and instructor (PADI #165115 and NAUI #41910), in love with marine life and natural environment. He is also a paramedic. He is using his professionalism and humanist spirit when teaching the scuba courses, ensuring his students will take care of the reefs. He is 40 years old, fond of music (salsa, cumbia, ....). His next projects are cave diving and European CMAS instructorship.

Rafael Islas
Olivier Nicolas D. A. Meslin

Olivier Nicolas MESLIN

28 years old. He is PADI Dive Master #198213 as well as assistant instructor. He learned his job the hard way on our reefs for 4 years. He is fond of music, surfing, repairing and riding all kinds of mechanical vehicles on land and sea. Five years ago was a regional cycling champion on tracks and roads before discovering the scuba diving.


Dive Master and instructor (NAUI), teaching for 15 years. His experience started in 1990. He is 50 years old..

Benjamin Auilar Cervantes
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