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daily dive trips

All these trips are for certified divers. It includes the tanks, weightbelts, water and fruit aboard, as well as the Marine Park fee . Prices for 2014.

Add $ 25 for your equipment rental if needed, reduced to U$20 when buying a package.

Usually the divers and students meet every morning (or afternoon) at the dive shop, but if they are staying in one of the resorts inside the Cozumel Marine Park the boat can pick them up at the nearest dock, as long as it is permitted by the hotel (fee to pay).

  • 2 Tank Dive trip U$ 80
    • The most demanded trip! Every day our boat leaves the marina for such a trip in the morning, in the afternoon or both.
    • Each trip lasts between 3 and 4 hours, a first dive (the deeper), a surface interval on one of the nice beaches in the south, and a second dive (the shallower).
    • We take care of the transportation to and from the marina.
    • It is our policy to let the customers choose the place they want to dive, with the green light of the captain and the Divemaster depending on the experience of the divers and the sea conditions.


  •  2 Tank twilight Dive trip U$ 85
    • The same as above, the first tank late afternoon and the second tank at night.
    • Flashlight rental for U$7.


  •  1 Tank night Dive U$ 65
    • A night dive is an unforgettable experience! At night, the behavior of marine life is quite different than in day light: The anemones are fully open and display bright full colors. Most of the reef inhabitants get out for hunting. The octopus, when surprised with a flashlight becomes translucent blue . . .
    • This 1 tank trip at night from the boat.
    • Flashlight rental for U$7

A 10% discount applies to night dives when buying a package.


    Add $ 20 per day for the equipment rental if needed. These packages are based on regular trips.

    • Jean-Michel Cousteau’s SCUBA FEST UNDERWATER ROUTE U$ 429

    • An underwater route is a succession of diving sites along the path followed by Cdr. Jacques-Yves Cousteau, his wife Simone and his sons Philippe y Jean-Michel , as well as all the team of the legendary research vessel Calypso.
    • Last year the Scuba Fest committee wished to honor the Cousteau family, especially his wife Simone who was the first woman in he world to dive with the S.C.U.B.A. equipment (“Self Contained Unit Breathing Apparatus”), consequently we renamed one of our reefs with her name:

La Francesa - Simone Cousteau

    • Other diving sites of the route: Paraíso (for a night dive)
       Tormentos, Santa Rosa, Paso del Cedral, Palancar gardens, Columbia, Punta Sur.
    • A special commemorative logbook is included:

  • JM Cousteau’s SCUBA FEST JUNIOR ROUTE U$ 315
    • This is an alternative route for juniors and beginners, visited as well by the Cousteau family.
    • Diving sites of the junior route:
      Paraiso, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Paso del Cedral, La Francesa ”Simone Cousteau” and Palancar gardens.
    • A special commemorative logbook is also included.


  •  Other standard packages:
    • 2 days x 2 Tank Dives per day U$155
    • 3 days x 2 Tank Dives per day U$225
    • 4 days x 2 Tank Dives per day U$295
    • 5 days x 2 Tank Dives per day U$355


other trips


  •  Snorkeling boat trip U$ 45
    • Includes: equipment, water, fruits, 3 different reefs in 3 hours.
    • Occasionally, it is possible to snorkel on top of the reefs while dad is diving, or choose shallower spots to be able to skin dive on the reefs.
    • Our captain can help you choose the place.


  •  Boat trip combination U$ 20
    • water, fruits, 3 different reefs in 3 hours. For people who do not want to dive or snorkel, just have a nice boat trip.


  •  Yucatan cenote (cavern) diving U$ 155
    • See next page of this site ... !

    We look forward to serving you.

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