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instruction courses

The equipment rental is included in all the instruction course fees.

All the these certification courses do not include the book. With PADI it is now ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY FOR EVERY STUDENT DIVER since 2012. If you already bought it, please bring the sale ticket or invoice.

  • Refresher course U$ 75
  • You have not been diving for a while, or you feel like having a review of the basics before diving from the boat ?
  • This course, including a 1 tank beach dive + instruction with a PADI instructor is what you need.
  • Don’t be rusty on the reef!


  •  Discovery dive U$ 85
  • You have never been underwater? Want to discover a new world ?
  • Join us for a discovery dive with a PADI instructor.
  • After learning a few basics so as to understand the use of the equipment, you will practice the skills with water at waist level, then go for your first dive trip in shallow waters (20 ft max).


  •  Discovery “PLUS” U$ 145
  • This formula is a normal Discovery dive PLUS one take dive from the boat, with the same instructor.
  • This is possible any day when we can synchronize this course with a normal boat trip.


  •  Boat resort course U$ 145
  • Very often people enjoy the discovery dive so much they want to dive from the boat for a 2 tank dive. This is possible, always with an instructor who gives you the instruction you are going to need  for this new adventure.
  • You  have already dove recently (no more than 2 weeks) but you are not certified and you do not have the time to get certified, it is possible for you as well to take this boat resort course.


  •  Referral course U$ 235
  • For divers who have started but not completed the PADI or NAUI OWD course elsewhere, within a one year period.
  • PLEASE BRING WITH YOU  the REFERRAL FORM from your former training center, otherwise we cannot accept you as a referral trainee.
  • Usually this course takes 2 days of intensive training, instruction and diving. Depending on the program you did beforehand the training will be adapted by the instructor to fullfil the Padi requirements. The above price is for a standard referral training, i.e. all the academic and confined water training sessions were done successfully.
  • The PIC form from PADI is included in the price.


  •  PADI Open Water e-Learning referral U$ 345
  • For divers who have completed the full e-Learning academic course, including the successful exam, and need to get the practical part here.
  • Please DO NOT FORGET TO BRING THE E-LEARNING papers proving you complied with the PADI requirements.
  • This includes the 5 mandatory dives to accomplish in 3 days like a normal Open Water course, but without any theoretical part.
  • OUR PERSONAL ADVISE: check first at home you like scuba diving by doing a test (discovery dive) in a pool or (better) by the sea, a river or a lake before starting the e-Learning course!


  •  NAUI Scuba Diver or PADI Open Water Diver U$ 435
  • The full PADI instruction course, equipment and PIC included.
  • This is the most popular certification course allowing you to dive all around the world as a full certified Open Water Diver.
  • This certification will allow you to carry on with the next levels in diving. (See below)
  • It should take 3 intensive days of courses, training and dives.
  • The final exam will close this course.


  •  NAUI or PADI Advanced O.W.D. U$ 375
  • After being certified as an Open Water Diver,  you can take the next step: the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification.
  • Among other topics, you will learn and be trained for drift dives, deep dives, night dives, jump from a boat or platform, orientation with a compass ...
  • As for the other courses, everything is included, equipment and PIC.


  •  PADI or NAUI Rescue Diver U$ 375
  • The next level will challenge your skills to become more than a passive spectator in case of an emergency underwater.
  • With this certification course, you will learn to use  first aid equipment, follow the first aid procedures ... without endangering yourself and others.
  • To get this certfication level, you will have to get the Emergency First Response from PADI or any equivalent (C.P.R., ...) within the past 2 years.
  • Everything else included ...


  •  Other specialty courses …please inquire !
  • NITROX certification course
  • Cavern diver
  • etc ...


  •  PADI or NAUI Dive Master …please inquire !
  • First step as a professionnal diver, this level will require 60 dives recorded in your log book.
  • Ask for a full detailled program if you are interested ...


  •  IAHD certifications …please inquire !
  • Special certifications and levels for handicapped divers
  • See the news section

We look forward to serving you.

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