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Dive shop in Cozumel island - Yucatan - MEXICO


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  •  The dive shop in town:
  • Our dive shop is located in the town center in one of the the few historical remaining houses, as shown on the map of Cozumel 4 blocks  away from the ferry pier, near the crossing of  5th street and the 5th avenue.

    There you will find the main office, all the rental equipment as well as equipment for sale:

  • Authorized dealer for MARES and TUSA equipments: masks, fins, snorkels, boots. BCD’s, regulators can be purchased on order (1 week delay).
  • T-shirts, DVD’s, waterproof cameras, accessories, ...   









  •  Our boat “La Columba”:
  • This is a 29 foot long cabin cruiser, with a sun cover, propelled by two 150 H.P. Yamaha motor to ensure safety and quick trips from one spot to another one. We always have fresh water and fruits aboard.

    We can take care of up to 6 divers at a time, plus the captain and the Divemaster. She complies with all the marine regulations and equipment: VHF radio, life jackets, buoys, anchor, oxygen, lights, etc ... with 20 hours of gas autonomy.

    She can store 24 diving tanks. There is an aluminum ladder to get on board when  the dive is over. She is also equipped for night dives with light for the divers and a  powerful projector.

  • The vehicle: double cabin Ford Ranger
  • Used to go back and forth to the marina with the equipment, with our guests if needed, with air conditioning. Anyway, we take charge of the transportation of our clients, either by our vehicle or by taxi.

  • Individual diving equipments
  • All our equipment is purchased new, from renowned trademarks as MARES, SCUBAPRO, AQUALUNG, US-DIVERS, SHERWOOD and CONQUISTADOR. All the safety equipment (regulators and BCD’s) are regularly checked, inspected and serviced by The Scuba Repair Company in Cozumel. Among them:

  • 23 BCD’s
  • 12 regulators
  • 5 long wetsuits (3 and 5 mm) + 20 shorties 3mm.
  • 12 aluminium tanks 80 cu inches owned + as many rented as we want by contract.
  • 28 pairs of fins (for bare feet or boots) + masks + snorkels.
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