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The Yucatan peninsula is full of underground rivers having drilled calcious structures, typical of this area. All these caves and rivers were formed by the infiltrated rain water  containing a bit of acid. Over the ages some of the caves collapsed, given birth to circular basins in the open called “cenotes” (from Mayan language, meaning “holy wells”).

 Diving in a cenote is possible for any certified Open Water diver, nevertheless led by a specially certified cavern dive master. It is even possible to practice snorkeling in a cenote, but without having the opportunity to visit underwater tunnels.

In the mainland, it is not rare to encounter cenote having several mile length tunnels. This is the reason why a certified cave diving guide, knowing perfectly the patterns, is mandatory, as well as the appropriate equipment.

     We can propose a full cenote package trip in cenotes for U$ 155 including 2 dives, equipment, entrance fee, transportation from the Playa del Carmen ferry pier to the cenote back and forth, and lunch. An unforgettable experience !


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