Scuba Gamma diving center

Dive shop in Cozumel island - Yucatan - MEXICO


    For any booking, please use the form of the previous page, and send us a deposit through PAYPAL (if you are not familiar with PAYPAL, please follow the link ).

    • No reservation can be taken in account without such a deposit.
    • You can calculate the approximate amount: 20% of the total of services you want to book, rounded to a multiple of U$50.

    ex: a 3 day 2 tank trip package + a night dive for 2 persons = (195+50)*2*20% = 98 U$ rounded to 2 times U$ 50 is ok.


    • Please click here to send a deposit with
    • Payment at the shop can be made in cash money, Travelerís cheques or


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